You have delivered creativity together with an excellent understanding of our business needs. Most importantly, your experience in the design and construction industry has delivered new excitement in the retail banking environment.
William Aw, Senior Property Executive Corporate Office, Property Services Maybank
Our confidence with i2s design abilities in successfully delivered creativity and cost-value engineering in office design has encompassed an excellent understanding in meeting our business needs.
Reto Isenring , Managing Director, VP Bank (Singapore) Ltd
Having good experience with i2 and being satisfied with their capabilities and work attitudes, we appointed them as the designer for these works.
Chay Kum Soei , Senior Section Manager, Facilities & EHS, Makino Asia Pte Ltd
i2 Pte Ltd has successfully delivered creatively and cost-value engineering in the re-stacking exercise with an excellent understanding to our business needs.

Corporate Service Manager, 
Business Support Group, 
Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd
We look forward to working with your company on more projects ahead. We will also be glad to further recommend i2 to new clients to share this rewarding experience and growing relationship.
Gary Teo, Project Manager, 
United Engineers Limited